Smart Strategy System, the solution to best manage your decisions

A user friendly decision-making system provided as Software As A Service

It is increasingly important to make quick decisions, quickly identify events, and be able to recognize risk situations.
The MRCS3's Smart Suite provides the solution that allows the user to

turn information into concrete actions

Decision-making system with user friendly interface

Why Smart Strategy System

Rapid integration

Smart Strategy System is provided as a web service accessible through credentials managed by a cloud Active Directory. You will not need any special requirements for its use, just your mind, your pc, and an internet connection

For business user

Design your processes without technical skills. The interface is designed to assist the "Designer" of the strategies. Complexities are managed by the engine, the decisions by the user

immagine gestione delle fonti dati
Managing data providers

Internal databases, external information providers, scanned documents, ... all useful information to make the best possible decisions. However, information, especially if obtained externally, has a cost and needs to be effectively managed according to cost-benefit criteria

Design, Test, Publish

Design your own decision making strategies, thanks to the user friendly interface. Smart Strategy System will support you with a range of tools in the design phase. Test your decision making processes, verify the results and if you are satisfied, distribute your processes to the business.

How to connect with my system

Address, user, password and your system has access to the strategies you designed.
Alternatively, thanks to our skills guaranteed by official certifications, we can create together a front-end with your specific requirements.

A Solid bases

Smart Strategy System, and more generally the entire Smart Suite, is based on Microsoft's cloud Azure infrastructure, a solid, reliable and security and privacy certified platform. Its service-based structure provides excellent reliability and scalability matching performance to customer needs.

Logo Windows Azure

Microsoft si impegna a fornire i propri prodotti e servizi in conformitĂ  alla
Microsoft is committed to provide its products and services in accordance with the general data protection legislation (GDPR - May 2018)

Loan application process

Automating most of the process and leaving users the task of intervening only where needed results in considerable time and cost benefits. Resources should be concentrated in areas where their contribution leads to real value.
Verify now how many of these areas a decision-making system can bring benefits.

Credit recovery process

The credit recovery process is an area that deserves much attention from the efficiency point of view. The team must be focused where there are solid chances of success and directed towards the most appropriate actions in view of the goals set.
If external collection agencies are used, it is necessary to define which contracts merit external management. It's important to set a proper cost and performance control method.

Data referring to management of non-performing contracts, retail subjects sample (unsecured)
Situation before intervening
Management Type Undifferentiated
N° of contracts managed 12134
Management time (avg) 4 years
Amount % entrusted to external legal entities 100%
Out-of-court management costs 0 % of the amount
Legal costs 10% of the amount
Recovery rate %

Benefits obtained

Management time (avg)

Reduced from 4 to 2 years

Amount % entrusted to external legal entities

Reduced from 100% to 20%

with management charges

Reduced from 10% to 2,5% of the amount

Recovery rate

Improved from 9% to 19%
Smart Strategy System is a highly flexible decision-making system.

Are you a business user and want to manage your decision making processes autonomously?
Do you think your business processes can be improved?
Do you want to turn your decisions into action quickly?
Do you need to manage statistical models?

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